Max, circa mid-1980s Max (centre), Parry Sound Sportbike Rally, 2008
Max wonders what he's going to do with the door prize he won at the 2009 VRRA AGM.
Max, circa various
Max, 2010, after his first haircut in about 20 years.
A somewhat selective history of Max Burns
Most recent birth: December 18, 1948
Various attempts to postpone reality: I played guitar and a few assorted instruments in a band called “The Original Dirt Banned,” whiled away three years during the late 60s/early-70s at Ontario College of Art looking at naked young ladies (in the classrooms, in the halls—it was great), studied music for a few more years, hunked around, stumbled into a well-paying job for four years, quit that nonsense in 1979, moved to northern Ontario and began writing in 1980, a quasi-career which has gathered enough momentum to carry me through to today.
Today’s reality: I am an author and journalist with a passion for words, humour, motorcycles, and travel. Although the topics of my written work vary as much as my interests—from searches for the best butter tart to motorcycling to the secrets of off-the-grid home sewage systems—the connecting theme is that all have to be a fun read, simply because all have to be fun to write or they don't get written. Call it Max's Maxim, my guide for over thirty years (yikes!) as I enjoyed stints as a columnist, contributing editor, feature editor, motorcycle test rider, freelance writer, and author, the related functions often overlapping. My work has been published in six countries and four languages.
Deteriorating health has interfered with life as I knew it, but it's still good, just much slower. And it's taking a while to adapt to life in the slow lane. Fortunately, I'm still making the trip with my very understanding and long-time friend, Jackie. Couldn't do it without her. And wouldn't do it without her.
Miscellaneous tidbits:
In addition to the books discussed on this web site (check out the signpost), other written works include (but are not limited to):

The Dock Primer, an informational pamphlet published by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Cottage Life

Collected works in which my articles have appeared:
Harrowsmith Country Life Reader, Secrets of the Hearth
The Cottage Book, Achieving the One-Pull Start
Docks and Projects, The Dock of Your Dreams

Magazines in which my articles have appeared:
General Interest: Cottage Life, Harrowsmith, (US) Harrowsmith's Country Life, Outdoor Canada
Special Interest: Snow Goer, Water Goer, Photo Life
Motorcycle: Cycle Canada, MDT (CDN motorcycle trade journal), (Québec) Moto Journal, (U.S.) Cycle World, Rider, Motorcyclist, Iron Horse, (Australia) Two Wheels, (England) Motorcycle International, (Germany) Motorrad Reisen & Sport

I have been nominated for 10 Canadian National Magazine Awards, winning two gold, three silver, and five honorable mentions.
I have also received four Motorcycle Awards of Excellence, in 1994 for The Winged Wheel Patch, 2003 for On Any Wednesday, 2004 for Around the Bend (again), and 2006 for These are a few of my favourite roads. And I was short-listed for Ontario Library Service-North's Third Annual Northern "Lit" Award for Unresolved Connections. And my mother loved me.

Other Stuff:
As part of my ongoing efforts to avoid a full-time job where people have the audacity to expect a person to turn up on a regular sort of basis, I’ve made a few TV appearances, such as on Motorcycle Experience and Canada AM, and several radio appearances, such as on Morningside with Peter Gzowski, and writing and performing of a live, weekly segment on CBC radio's Morning North show titled Max at the Cottage (1994). My photography has appeared in a variety of books and magazines, and has been used by Honda Canada to promote its line of snowthrowers. Occasionally, I also find myself having been coaxed to speak before an assembled audience (and to my later surprise, discover that I survived). And for something completely different, in 2002 I wrote the regulations for the installation of resort-based docks (or jetties, depending on your locale) along the Red Sea coast for the Egyptian government. Crazy world, ain't it?

Where's Max?
Lost in space.
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