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Getting Lost In Cyberspace
Okay, so leave. See if I care. The links below will deliver you and your computer to far-away cybersites of interest (at least I find them interesting). Some are fun places to visit, others merely informational, but each offers an amusement or service worth taking the time to explore. There's no pretense that the list is all-inclusive, it's just a few Web sites and places I occasionally visit. So have fun, and don't blame me if you get lost. Or end up buying something. Or meeting a new mate, falling in love and getting married and having so many kids you can no longer afford to buy anything. Or no longer afford keep what you already have, for that matter, like your computer or motorcycle. It's not my fault, okay?
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Liz Jansen Author of Women, Motorcycles, and the Road to Empowerment, Liz's site is a wealth of good information on both riding skills and life skills, regardless of gender.
Michelle Duff An ex-racer and author of Make Haste, Slowly, a personal and detailed retrospection of the international motorcycle racing scene back when the top riders all drove their own vans to the races. And worked on their own bikes.
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