The Dock Manual is the only book devoted exclusively to residential docks, covering all aspects of residential docks, including assessing your shoreline, choosing the right dock (and dock shape) for your needs, ramps, boat lifts, marine railways, winterizing, construction tips and techniques, and dock maintenance and repairs. If you own waterfront property, you need this book.

A note on the writing style
Max's writing of service and how-to journalism has always been guided by the belief that given the reasons why, folks are more likely to do the job right than if simply told how to go about some esoteric task. Knowledge converts the drudgery of work into understanding. Understanding puts you in control, which is where you should be as an owner/operator. So in common with Country and Cottage Water Systems and Cottage Water Systems and his many how-to articles, The Dock Manual is not just a how-to book, it's also a "why?" book.
Max also believes that no matter who the reader—from novice to expert—that person should enjoy the read and learn something. "How-to" books are about work; reading the book shouldn't be. So while ensuring that his writing is jam-packed with good information and tricks of the appropriate trades, it's important that the book (whether one of his or one he is reading) also be a good read. Respect for the environment is another theme that runs through his service journalism. Not the trade-car-for-bicycle or eat-only-lettuce-fertilized-with-natural-gnats'-poo sort of radical stuff, but most definitely there are ways anyone can minimize their impact on earth while still maintaining a lifestyle compatible with comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. And this holds particularly true for that sensitive interface between land and water that is so important to our survival yet so easily damaged (and so easily preserved, for that matter). The Dock Manual explains how to take advantage of all that your shoreline has to offer while minimizing the disruption.
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Title: The Dock Manual
Subtitle: Designing, Building, Maintaining
ISBN: 1-58017-098-6
: Storey Books
Suggested retail: $34.95
Technical stuff
: 8.5x11 paperback, 208 pages, colour cover, 132 two-colour and one-colour illustrations, 10 photographs, plus 10 complete plans with bill of materials, several easy-to-read charts, and four pages of sources to help track down products and services. Fully indexed.
Where to buy: Any quality book store or web-based book retailer.

What Others Are Saying About The Dock Manual
“... a very comprehensive reference book that covers almost any imaginable dock/shore situation including the one I was looking for. If you're thinking of building your own, add this book to your library!” Canadian Cottager

“There is no doubt that The Dock Manual is a "must have" for those building their own dock/jetty. This book is a model for writers to follow on how to simplify a technical subject, which in many instances can be gruesomely complex, to an easily digestible read so people from different walks of life can enjoy it in a practical way and put it to use.” Ahmed Hassan

"The Dock Manual tells you everything you need to know about designing, building and maintaining a small residential dock. The section on connecting your dock to the shore was worth buying on its own!” Tom

“I think it's excellent. Worth every penny.” Charlie Wood