Cottage Water Systems is essential reading for anyone living with off-the-grid plumbing, from waterfront cottages to rural housing. In fact, if you've ever had to prime a balky pump, deal with a septic system, fix a frozen pipe, or worry about the purity of your drinking water, this book's for you. Cottage Water Systems explains in clear, straightforward style how each component of the water system works while evaluating the various and solutions available. The book includes hundreds of tips on installation and repair, as well as extensive troubleshooting guides to help readers save time and money while avoiding the usual hassles and headaches. Along the way, it helps steer readers through government regulations and explains how to keep the environmental impact low (see note on Max's writing style for service and how-to journalism in The Dock Manual overview).

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Note: Cottage Water Systems is now out of print, to be replaced in the fall of 2010 by Country and Cottage Water Systems, a substantive rewrite and update of this much praised work.
Title: Cottage Water Systems
Subtitle: An Out-Of-The-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies
ISBN: 0-9696922-0-X
Publisher: Cottage Life Books
Suggested retail: $24.95
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Technical stuff: 8.5x11 paperback, 152 pages, colour cover, over 50 two-colour and full-colour diagrams and illustrations, several easy-to-read charts, and four pages of sources to help track down products and services. Fully indexed.
Where to buy: Any quality book store or web-based book retailer.

What Others Are Saying About Cottage Water Systems
“The do-it-yourselfer's dream for household water systems. Cottage Water Systems is a well-written, well-illustrated guide to providing your "cottage" (or rural home) with water-in and water-out.” Whole Earth Review #85

“The subtitle for this attractive paperback is "An Out-of-the-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies," and it deftly fulfils its promise. Mr. Burns uses humor interspersed with excellent illustrations to convey technical information in layman's terms. He provides a comprehensive overview of all possibilities... the pros and cons of each alternative are thoroughly examined.” Old-House Journal

“The definitive bible on how to keep everything working. Supplemented with excellent illustrations and drawings, Cottage Water Systems is indispensable. This is a truly outstanding book.”

“A must-read for new home owners who are dealing with wells and on-site sewage disposal fields for the first time.” Alex Murdoch, Health Inspector, New Brunswick

“Beautifully illustrated, easy to read, humorous, and educational. The explanations could not be clearer. This is an EXCELLENT book ... and if you are interested in the subject matter, I would rate it a MUST READ.” Posted on an internet forum discussing rural retreats

“Max Burns provides an easily read and remarkably entertaining guide to being your own little water and sewer company. This he accomplishes with a folksy wisdom which transforms the potentially tedious subject matter into the common theme in a series of interesting fireside chats. The chapter on outhouses finds the author in his best form and should not be missed. I found Cottage Water Systems to be the definitive guide I needed to confidently tackle the indispensable project of successful water management. I get the feeling that I'll be going back to Cottage Water Systems again and again for its complete how-to information and learned wisdom.” George Mathews

“This book is worth reading just as an education on home water technology.” Woman Source Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women

“I strongly suggest this book for anyone attempting to set up interior running water for your rustic retreat, cottage, or cabin in the woods. Max Burns has supplied the ins and outs of drinking and waste water systems that are set up on a shoe string budget.” Jamaica Cottage Shop

“If you have a pump, a well, a septic system, or an outhouse, if you winterize your water system or use it year ‘round, or if you simply care about the quality of the water you drink, this book will save you time, money, and headaches.” The Preparedness Center