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Well, it's been a while since Max last visited this site. Lots has happened since then, most of it it relating to his aging and unfortunate health issues. But no matter, he's not dead yet and still enjoys the occasional nap. And flirting with the young ladies. And daily encounters with chocolate. Anyway, if you're thinking about buying one of his books, best to do it soon before he snuffs it--prices are bound to go up after he's dead. They always do.

To date, the list of his books include: Adventures with Neddow,Country & Cottage Water Systems, Unresolved Connections, These are a few of my favourite roads, Around the Bend (again), On Any Wednesday, The Dock Manual, Cottage Water Systems, and The Winged Wheel Patch. Use the signpost on the left to guide yourself around the site, check out what has happened with Max, and learn a bit about his writing-related work (which, if truth be known, is often as much play as work). Also included are some links to other sites that may be of interest to you, particularly if you're a motorcyclist.

If you have any comments or questions, send Word Dust an e-note. Max tries to answer most queries promptly, but should your e-mail go unanswered for a while, or forever, don't take it personally. Likely he's simply up to his armpits in those aforementioned other projects (which may have nothing to do with his writing, or this site for that matter). For a list of Word Dust Press retailers, go to the Alt. Routes page.

Continue your voyage into the Word Dust Domain at your own peril for in truth it is the domain of Max (an exclusive to planet earth). And thanks for dropping by.

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